After a very speedy delivery of about 2 hours Valentino and Galatia became proud parents of 4 gorgeous bi-colour boys in the early hours of Nov 16th. 

Sadly the joy was short lived...after the birth they struggled to pick up weight, Mom's milk supply didn't seem enough and we had to supplement.

On Saturday one of the puppies started to fade and died early on Sunday morning. On Sunday night another boy died the same way. Our hope was high for the survival of the remaining two when both made it through Monday, but once again the joy was short lived. On Tuesday afternoon boy 3 started to fade and died early Wednesday morning.

Today 6 days after the birth we have one boy left. At this moment he seems healthy and strong. Only time will tell if he will pull through, but I am really optimistic about his survival at the moment. 

To the 3 little angels - run free precious babies. I am sorry that I couldn't save you, no matter how hard I tried. 😭😭😭

Being a breeder can be so heartbreaking! 😭😭

If this boy survives and is of good enough quality he will stay for show, if he is not good enough he will be available for booking in the near future. 

The 4 Boys shortly after the birth.

The last remaining boy - still hanging onto life!!

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