Hi, my name is Lientjie and I am the owner of Destiny Basset hounds & GBGV'S. Me and my family are proud breeders and exhibitors of Basset hounds and (more recently) Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen.  I'm very passionate about my hounds and about protecting the breeds in South Africa!! Our hounds are registered with the Kennel Union of South Africa (FCI affiliated). Our hounds come from Imported and SA lines. We breed for excellent character, outstanding conformation and good health!! 

Our hounds are available for advertisements/promotions etc. enquiries welcome. :-) 

Basset hounds have been a part of our life for the past 15 years. In 2010 we've decided to improve on the quality of basset hounds that we've had up to then. Early in 2011 we've acquired a couple of adult basset hounds from another breeder - all of them descended from imported lines. Unfortunately we sadly had to place some of these basset hounds in pet homes, because we could not really show them or include them in our breeding program. Hard lesson learned...

At that time we also decided to import a male (Bruni) from Italy from Antonio dal Pino to from the foundation of our kennel. 
In mid 2011 I saw an ad for puppies available from Stormwave Basset hounds. I contacted Chris Oliver - the owner, and by August we welcomed Daisy and Draco from the Stormwave kennel into our kennel. In October 2011 Dora followed, and in October 2012 Thor joined our pack from Stormwave. 

In August 2012, we imported another male Valentino from our good friend Antonio dal Pino in Italy, this puppy was owned by Adriaan du Plessis, but since he sadly passed away, Valentino is came to stay with us, and became part of our pack. 

In August 2013 we imported yet another puppy, a female Belen, from our good friend Antonio dal Pino in Italy. This time it was done in co-operation with the Jordaan family of Jonstin Basset hounds. 

We've come a very long way in these few years, and hope that our kennel will go from strength to strength and help to improve the breed in South Africa!! Our Basset hounds have done us proud in the show-ring! Quite a number of our home bred puppies became South African Show Champions!
We still strive to improve the breed in South Africa by breeding puppies of outstanding conformation, good temperament and excellent health.  

We are passionate about Basset hounds, and about protecting the breed in South Africa. We will always breed to better the breed and to produce excellent show quality offspring - even if they are not sold as show puppies. We want to insure that our puppies gives new owners the pleasure and companionship that our hounds have given us over the years!!

 If you decide on getting a basset hound, you will be stuck with this breed for life! The lovable nature of the Basset Hound makes them the perfect family pet! They are excellent companions for children and they are not aggressive at all! Keeping this in mind, it is always advisable to inform yourself of the nature of any dog breed that you decide on getting. Please educate yourself about the breed, before getting one just because they are so cute as puppies. Remember that the cute little puppy grow up to be a big dog in a year or two's time!!You can read our page New owners guide to get more information on Basset hounds.



For a long time we looked into adding another hound breed to our pack. After research we decided that the best breed to add to our basset hounds would be one of the Basset Griffon Vendeen breeds. At first we were interested in the PBGV - (Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen) - but after getting to know the breed characteristics of the GBGV - (Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen) - which is more laid back and relaxed, we decided that we would really like to acquire some of them and establish the breed in South Africa.  But because the breed were not available in South Africa, we had to take on the process of getting this breed registered with KUSA, before we could bring one into South Africa.

After the lengthy process of research and getting a breeder that we could work with, the time has finally arrived to introduce this breed to South Africa. 

The first two GBGV arrived in 2015 in South Africa. You read more about them HERE

We are very excited to start this new journey with a fantastic breed, and we hope that the breed will go from strength to strength in the future. We have since had two litters of Grand Basset's. One in 2018 and an unplanned litter in 2019. We are planning another litter of Grand Basset soon if you are really interested and prepared to wait for a puppy, you are welcome to drop us an email in that regard.

Our kennel is registered with the Kennel Union of South Africa(FCI affiliated) with the affix: MIDESTINO.


Please educate yourself in regard to the Breed Standard. If a puppy is registered, it does not mean that you will get a good quality puppy! Please make sure that you buy your puppy from a reputable breeder. If you are looking for a Show quality puppy, it doesn't make sense to buy from a breeder who have never entered a show ring!! If the breeder says that the puppy comes from a long line of champions, he/she must be able to provide you with proof of that!!

Please don't support Puppy mills and Backyard breeders!! These so called "breeders" sell puppies of inferior quality and health!! You might think that you bought a bargain, but it is only when these puppies grow up that you will find that they don't have good conformation, not to mention the health issues that these puppies are at risk of developing. As longs as these breeders gets support from the public, they will keep on breeding!! Sadly it is mostly puppies from these type of breeders that end up in rescues and get dumped by their owners!! We know, because we deal with these type of situations on a weekly basis.


All our adult hounds are registered with the Kennel Union of South Africa (KUSA) and they are regularly shown. Our dogs are not kennel dogs and walk around freely! New litters are carefully planned, so it might be a while before puppies will become available. Unfortunately we do not offer Stud services.
Our Basset hounds descends from excellent European, Australian and South African bloodlines (Stormwave, Stormwind, Tidalwaves, Queens Hermelin, Swede Sun's, Dominik, Nhabira, Terra dei Templari, Casa Dal Pino, Woferlow, Bassbarr, Beauchasseur and Van Hollandheim to name just a few). Our Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen's are both from the well know Debucher kennel in UK.
All our hounds are excellent specimens for the breed and descends mostly from Champion lineage!!

Our kennel on the Pedigree Database - see pedigrees of all our hounds here!!




If you are interested in getting a puppy from us please visit PUPPIES to see our planned mating's or updates on available puppies. Then please complete a PUPPY APPLICATION to place your name on our waiting list. Before completing the application, please read through Important Information first.


If you are interested in adopting an older Basset hound you are welcome to browse to ADOPTIONS to see if there are any Adults available.

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