ZIA aka

KUSA REG: ZA020173B13 DOB: 18/12/2012

Zia is the C-litter girl. Her mother is Tova, which was imported from the Queen's Hermelin kennel in Czech Republic. Her father is Bruni, which we imported from the Casa Dal Pino kennel in Italy. Zia is our second "own" addition girl for our next generation. She is out of lines that we would like to carry forward in our breeding program. We are very exited about her development, and very proud of the fact that she was bred Proudly South African!! Zia has got a loving and very friendly personality, but she can be a bit shy at times. After a bad experience in the show ring at a young age, she does not enjoy showing as much anymore, but we will keep on trying a little longer, we would really like to show her to Champion. 
Zia is back in the show-ring after a break, she is doing so much better. At the recent shows she received her first CC point towards her Champion title. Zia has now collected 3 CC's already!!
So happy to announce that Zia is now a Champion!! 
So proud of her!! Zia will soon have her first litter.
Zia 2.5 years. 
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Zia's awards consist of: BBP X 1, CC X 5; RCC X 1
  • NORTHERN TSHWANE KC - 18 May 2013 - Judge Ms H Nietsch (USA) -  Best Baby Puppy bitch, Best Baby Puppy, Best Baby Puppy in Group. 
  • WESTERN GAUTENG KC - 19 May 2013 - Judge Ms P de Coning (SA) - Best Baby puppy bitch, Reserve best Baby puppy.
  • EASTERN DISTRICTS KC - 14 July - Judge Mr. Palmer (AUS): Best Minor Puppy bitch.
  • HIGHVELD SCENT HOUND KC - 15 July - Judge Mr. D. Peat (USA): Best Minor Puppy bitch.
  • GOLDFIELDS KC - 24 Aug 2013 - Judge Mr. B. Skalin (SWE) - Best Minor Puppy bitch.
  • ROODEPOORT & DISTRICTS KC - 25 Aug 2013 - Judge Mrs. J van Rooyen (SA) - Reserve Minor puppy bitch.
  • HIBISCUS KC - 28 Sep 2013 - Judge Mrs. P. Mottershaw (UK) - Reserve Best puppy bitch.
  • MARGATE KC - 29 Sep 2013 - Judge Mr. P. Veldman (SA) - Third Best puppy bitch.
  • TRANSVAAL KC - 9 Nov 2013 - Judge Mrs. E Gonzalez - Reserve Best puppy bitch.
  • SA LADIES KC - 10 Nov 2013 - Judge Me. E Steadler - Reserve Best puppy bitch.
  • HIGHVELD SCENT HOUND KC - 9th March 2014 - Judge R Clark (SA) - Reserve best in Open class.
  • SPORTING DOG ASS - 9th March 2014 - Judge B Tarr (SA) - Reserve best in Open class.
  • TRANSVAAL MIDLANDS KC - 22 MARCH 2014 - Judge Mrs T. Comerford (AUS) - Reserve Best in Junior class bitches.
  • WITWATERSRAND KENNEL CLUB - 23 MARCH 2014 - Judge Mr. K. Brown (NZ) - Reserve Best in Junior class bitches.
  • EASTERN DISTRICTS KC - 12 JULY 2014 - Judge Mrs. S. Bowds (AUS) - 4th in Graduate bitch class.
  • HIGHVELD SCENT HOUND CLUB - 13 JULY 2014 - Judge Mrs. E. Ty (Phill) - 3rd in Graduate bitch class.
  • HIGHVELD SCENT HOUND CLUB, 12 JULY 2015 - Judge Mrs Kay (SA) - Best in Open class bitches, CC.
  • ROODEPOORT & DISTRICTS KC, 22 AUGUST 2015 - Judge Mrs. M. Colbourne (SA) - Best in Open class bitches, CC.
  • BLOEMFONTEIN KC, 29 AUGUST 2015 - Judge Mr. D Smith - Reserve in Open class bitches, RCC.
  • GOLDFIELDS KC, 23 AUGUST 2015 - Judge Mr. P Harsanji (HUN) - Best in Open class bitches, CC.
  • SASOLBURG KC, 3RD OCTOBER 2015, - Judge Mr G Robinson (SA) - Best in Open class bitches, CC.
  • TRANSVAAL KC, 10 OCTOBER 2015 - Judge Mrs Lyn Brand (SA) - Best in Open class bitches, CC.

Pictures of parents courtesy of respected kennels.

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