Father to E-LITTER

KUSA REG: TBA DOB: 01/04/12

Valentino arrived in South Africa in August 2012. Valentino were also imported from the Casa Dal Pino kennel in Italy. He will form an important part of our future breeding program. Valentino's father Italian Lambrusco is litter brother to our Bruni. Valentino's mother Destiny Original Big Bone comes from the well know Original Big Bone kennel in France, which produced many champions over the years. Valentino is a very sweet, loving boy, with a real happy go lucky type of personality. He has got excellent bone and substance, and loves the show-ring. With limited showing he already achieved 3 CC, 2 x BOB and 1 x RBJIS. 
Sadly Valentino's owner Adriaan, passed away recently, and as a result of an agreement between us, his breeder and his owner, Valentino will now stay with us on a permanent basis! 
Valentino recently received his final point towards his CH title. The 3rd dog from the Casa Dalpino kennel to become a South African Champion!!
Valentino recently sired his first litter, and we are so excited about their future!
Valentino 3 years. 
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Valentino's awards consist of: 1 x RBJIG; 1 x BJIG; Best Puppy x 3; Best Junior x 2; BOB x 3; RBOB x 2; RCC x 7 and CC x 6
  • TKC KENNEL CLUB - 06 October 2012 - Judge Linda Stevens (AUS) - Reserve Best Puppy.
  • SALKA KENNEL ASSOCIATION - 07 October 2012 - Judge Jack Peden (RSA) - Best Puppy, RCC and Best Puppy in Group 4th.
  • PRETORIA KC - 29 March 2013 - Judge Mr. TJ Touzel (CAN) - Best Puppy dog, Best Puppy.
  • TRANSVAAL MIDLANDS KC - 30 March 2013 - Judge Mr. P. Frost (AUS) - Best Puppy dog, Best Puppy, Reserve Best puppy in Group.
  • WITWATERSRAND KC - 31 March 2013 - Judge Mr. T. Syme (AUS) - Best Puppy dog.
  • EASTERN DISTRICTS KC - 14 July 2013 - Judge Mr. Palmer (AUS): Best Junior, CC, BOB, Best Junior in Group and Reserve Best Junior in Show!!!
  • HIGHVELD SCENT HOUND KC - 15 July  2013 - Judge Mr. D. Peat (USA): Best Junior, CC, RBOB.
  • GOLDFIELDS KC - 24 Aug 2013 - Judge Mr. B. Skalin (SWE) - Reserve Best Junior Dog.
  • ROODEPOORT & DISTRICTS KC - 25 Aug 2013 - Judge Mrs. J van Rooyen (SA) - Reserve Best Junior Dog.
  • TRANSVAAL MIDLANDS KC - 22 MARCH 2014 - Judge Mrs T. Comerford (AUS) - Reserve Best in Graduate class, RCC.
  • WITWATERSRAND KENNEL CLUB - 23 MARCH 2014 - Judge Mr. K. Brown (NZ) - Best in Graduate class, RCC.
  • VEREENIGING & DISTRICTS KC - 29 MARCH 2014 - Judge Mrs. M. Watson (AUS) - Best Graduate dog.
  • WITWATERSRAND KC - 30 MARCH 2014 - Judge Mr. J. Comerford (AUS) - Reserve Best Graduate dog, CC.
  • SA LADIES KC - 19 APRIL 2014 - Judge Mrs. R. Green (AUS) - Best Graduate dog.
  • WESTERN GAUTENG KC - 20 APRIL 2014 - Judge Mr. K. Chuah (MAL) - Best Graduate dog.
  • EASTERN DISTRICTS KC - 12 JULY 2014 - Judge Mrs. S. Bowds (AUS) - Best in Open class dogs, CC, BOB.
  • HIGHVELD SCENT HOUND CLUB - 13 JULY 2014 - Judge Mrs. E. Ty (Phill) - 3rd Best in Open class dogs
  • SASOLBURG KC, 4 October 2014, Judge G Morrisson (SA) - Best in Open class, RCC.
  • JUNIOR KC, 22 March 2015, Judge Mrs L Brown (Aus) - Reserve in Open class dogs, RCC.
  • TRANSVAAL MIDLANDS KC, 28 March 2015, Judge Mr G Townsend (CAN) - Reserve in Open class dogs, RCC.
  • WITWATERSRAND KC, 29 March 2015, Judge Mrs D Baillie (Aus) - Reserve in Open class dogs, RCC.
  • KUSA CH Show, 30th May 2015; Judge: Mr. J. Ganoza (Peru) - BOB, CC.
  • PRETORIA KC, 16 MAY 2015, Judge: Mr. H. Redtenbacher (SA) - Best in Open class dogs, CC, RBOB.
  • NORTHERN TSHWANE KC, 17 MAY 2015, Judge: Mrs. W. Davies - Reserve Best in Open class dogs, RCC
  • HIGHVELD SCENT HOUND CLUB, 12 JULY 2015, Judge Mrs. Kay (SA) - Best in Open class dogs, CC.


Pictures of parents courtesy of respected kennels.

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