Please take a moment to read through this, if you are interested in one of our puppies. :-)

All our puppies will be registered with KUSA (Kennel Union of South Africa) - FCI Affiliated - and will be inoculated, de-wormed, micro chipped and vet-checked before they leave for their new homes. Pet/Companion puppies will be sold with a spay/neuter contract. With your puppy you will get a puppy starter pack, information on Basset hounds, vet card and copy of registration documents. 

Our puppies grow up in and around our home - they are not kept in kennels, and will be well socialized by the time that they leave us.

Our breeding stock is chosen from parents that are free from known genetic diseases to minimize the risk of our puppies getting these diseases, there are however many disease that Basset hounds can be prone to which are not genetic, please make yourself aware of that by reading through the New owners guide on our webpage.

If you are interested in getting a puppy from us, you have to complete the Puppy Application and send it to us, if you are not interested in completing this application we cannot help you with a puppy!! Please take note that we get an enormous amount of phone calls and emails and by completing the application, it's the only way that we can put your details on our waiting list, to keep you up to date on expected litter and available puppies. Please be open and honest at all times when completing the application, it will make it a lot easier for us to follow up on your details. 

When we receive your application, we will review your details and reply with information on available puppies or time frame for expected litters. Please be patient when awaiting a reply, it can sometimes take a while if we are very busy. If you are not prepared to wait for our next litters, please reply with NO on that email, so that we can remove you from our waiting list.  

If you have send in an application, you are under no obligation to book a puppy when they do become available. Please take note that we do not breed litters every year, so you might have to wait a while to get a puppy from us.

We sell our puppies to approved homes only, we don't sell to pet shops and puppy brokers. Prospecting owners must sign a sale agreement when acquiring one of our puppies! Please contact us if you want to receive this agreement to study beforehand.

We will notify everyone on the waiting list when there are puppies available for booking. We will take bookings for a few puppies once we have confirmation of a pregnancy and again after puppies have been born, if it turns out to be a larger litter than expected. 

With the booking of your puppy you have to sign a sale agreement. A deposit will be payable with the booking of your puppy, balance payable with the collection of your puppy. Feel free to contact us to discuss other payment arrangements -we are always willing to help people who really have a love for the breed to acquire one of our puppies!!

All our puppies will be well socialized to help them to adapt better to their new homes. Puppies will only be allowed to leave from about 10-12 weeks of age. Puppies can be shipped - from 10-12 weeks - to all major airports in Southern Africa - the cost will be for the new owners account. We can make the arrangements in this regard for you, you need only to arrange for collection at the destination airport.

Breeding Restrictions will be placed on all our Pet/Companion puppies. All Pet/Companion puppies have to be spayed/neutered at the age of 6 months - details in the Sale agreement. Original registration documents will be provided once we have received confirmation from your vet, that the pet puppy has been sterilized as per contract.

Occasionally we might have Breeding/Show quality puppies available to approved homes.  If you are interested in a Show/Breeding puppy your application will be carefully screened and considered. You also have to agree to take the puppy to shows when he/she is old enough, and you have to agree to adhere to our guidelines as explained in the Sale Agreement. 

Breeding restrictions will be placed on all our Show/Breeding puppies, but can be lifted when the puppy receives his/her Championship and is at least two years old. The restriction will not be lifted before the puppy is 2 years old, regardless of his/her championship status. The puppy will also be registered in co-ownership with us.  Every application to lift the Breeding restrictions and change ownership status on a Show/Breeding puppy will be carefully screened and evaluated. We reserve the right to refuse to lift the Breeding restrictions or change ownership if we find that you are not willing to be a responsible breeder, and not willing to adhere to our guidelines!! This is just to make sure that our Show/Breeding puppies are used to improve the breed in South Africa, and not used as breeding machines to make money!!

We reserve the right to refuse to sell you a puppy, if it is found that the agreement is not in the best interest of the puppy.

According to the sale agreement, none of our puppies can ever be placed in a rescue!! We agree to always take our puppies back, and re-home them, in the event that you can no longer take care of them!

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